Learn languages right in a browser
Read your favorite texts, translate right on a page and add words to your personal dictionary.
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Personal dictionary
Add words to your personal dictionary while reading. They will be highlighted on all websites.

Highlighted words are easier to recall. You can go through them right after finishing reading.
New tab — new word
Learn new words from your personal dictionary every time you open a new tab.
Has to be switched on in Options. Chrome only.
Translates and shows stroke order for Chinese characters

Example of using 5 colors for highlighting words
Yellow — main color, for the majority of words.

Blue — for important words, that have to be memorized ASAP.

Green — for words and phrases that you want to use in upcoming written or speaking tasks.

Brown — for phrases that you want to ask your teacher about.

Purple — for subjunctive in Spanish or phrasal verbs in English.
Flashcards for learning words
Added words are stored as flashcards.

They can be found in the main window of the extension.

When you can recall words from the target language, you can flip the cards over to study them the other way round.
Translate into 2 languages at once and add pictures
For those who study a second foreign language.

Pictures help to memorize words faster.

It's always nice to see progress.

In this tab you can find statistics on added and deleted words.

You can display statistics by day, week and month.

And also choose to display the cumulative total or separately for each period.
Basic version


Translate words and phrases

Add images



50 words in personal dictionary*

* If you have more than 50 words in your personal dictionary at the time of your subscription expiration, they will not disappear. New words can only be added by removing the excess or renewing the subscription.
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